imagesI am sure you might be thinking, “What a strange caption for a New Years Blog!”  Strange perhaps, but the reality is what people use to take for granted as good old-fashioned Common Sense has fallen on hard times. Perhaps you failed to read her obituary or were too busy to notice, but Common Sense has died. I am not sure when she began her decline; however, I am certain society has buried her in an unmarked grave and embraced an impostor named Political Correctness, the offspring of atheism and humanism.

Common Sense has been expelled from our schools, demonized by politicians and scorned by those who embrace immoral ideologies they define as progressivism and liberalism. In the absence of Common Sense, family, friendship, courtship, marriage and society as a whole have all eroded.

A New Year’s Challenge

 Let’s resurrect Common Sense in our lives, homes and spheres of influence this year. As you know, there are 31 chapters in Proverbs and engaging in the daily reading of this wonderful book can infuse God’s wisdom in our hearts and lives.  I invite you to join me by reading a chapter in Proverbs each day and follow my blog as I highlight the wisdom of Proverbs. You can reach my church blog by going to the church website at or