Daniel and LionThe Book of Daniel is to the Old Testament what the Book of Revelation is to the New Testament…a prophetic book that should stir the heart of every Christian to live today as though it was your last!

This Sunday morning I will introduce the Book of Daniel to Hillsdale Baptist Church as we begin an exciting study of this practical book of the Old Testament.  My goal for this week will be to set forth the historical context of Daniel which marks the beginning of what Jesus described as “the times of the Gentiles”—a period that began with the siege of Jerusalem, continues in our day and will end at the Second Coming of Christ  (Luke 21:24).

It is my prayer that you will be: 1) Inspired by Daniel’s example as he, although a mere youth, proves to be a man of unshakeable conviction; 2) Comforted by the knowledge that God is Sovereign and rulers are His servants; 3) Strengthened in your faith and confidence that God is faithful and His promises are sure.

Join us this Sunday as we begin a journey through the Book of Daniel.