church-planting_thumb I was tempted to begin this special announcement with the header: “We’re Having a Baby!”; however, I was afraid that phrase would take flight before someone read the context and Sheilah would kill me [meaning this brief blog would be followed by my obituary]!

I am excited to announce that Dennis and Melanie Rodgers, Hillsdale’s northwest church planting missionaries, have rented a building for their Bible study family and “Harvest Baptist Church” is being born…and you can help!

Rodgers church plantTransitioning from a Bible study group to a congregation with regular services requires more than a building. The following are items needed immediately for this infant church: Chairs ($2,000), tables ($150), sound system ($500), Piano/keyboard ($250), projector screen ($115), Communion set, table and linens ($430), misc Nursery items ($550), Children’s ministry furniture ($550), church signs ($250), Curtains/Decor ($150), American flag ($130) and custodial items that include vacuum and brooms ($150).

You can give special gifts to assist the birth of this church in several ways: 1) Go to Hillsdale’s website [] and click on the Donations tab at the top of the page and designate a special gift; 2) Mail a check to Hillsdale Baptist Church and designate it for the Rodgers’ Church plant;  3) Rodgers pictureDesignate a special offering on your church envelope this Sunday for the Rodgers’ church plant.

Join Hillsdale Baptist Church as we celebrate the birth of  Harvest Baptist Church on the Idaho/Washington state line near Pullman, WA!