glory of GodSolomon, a man whose longing for wisdom was uniquely blessed by God, was renown for his knowledge and understanding. Because God inspired his wisdom, Solomon’s insights far exceed the aptitude of men.  We are blessed to have 31 chapters of Solomon’s proverbs; however, these are but a summary of the thousands of wise sayings he imparted to his family and subjects.

Solomon apparently compiled Proverbs 1-24. Proverbs 25 marks the beginning of an effort by king Hezekiah who reigned a century later than Solomon, to preserve the proverbs of Solomon (Proverbs 25:1). I will focus on Proverbs 25:2-3 for today’s devotional thought.

scroll of scriptureProverbs 25:2-3 – “It is the glory [honor] of God to conceal [hide; keep secret] a thing [matter; word that is spoken; act]: but the honour of kings is to search out [explore; inquire; examine] a matter. 3  The heaven [heavens; sky] for height [to be exalted], and the earth for depth, and the heart [mind; wisdom; understanding] of kings is unsearchable [unfathomable].”

The subject matter of these two verses is necessarily political because they offer us a contrast between God, Who has chosen to not reveal everything about Himself and His ways, and rulers who choose to not reveal everything to their subjects.

God invites men to seek Him; search the scriptures (John 5:39); and study His Word (2 Timothy 2:15).  Oh that man was driven by a passionate longing to know God!  Mankind is incapable of understanding all the ways of God (Isaiah 55:9); however, what He has revealed of Himself in His Word should be the subject of our thoughts and daily meditations.

magnifying-glassAs a practical, closing observation, take a moment to read the latter half of Proverbs 25:2—“…the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” All who are in authority are a credit to their office when they “search out a matter” (in other words, seek out and expose the truth).

Our nation has been riddled by political scandals in the last years, and our leaders from the White House to the courthouse, have shown little interest in exploring, inquiring and exposing the truth. It is not only a dereliction of duty, it is a disgrace when lives are lost, bodies are maimed, and families destroyed and no one is brought to justice.

Let’s begin a restoration of honor by being a people who seek God with all our hearts, study His Word and have integrity—a passion for truth and righteousness.

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