Dear friend,

I have been privileged to meet many inspirational figures during my years in ministry; however, Evangelist Reuben Ewert’s unconditional love and Ewert, Reuben & Evelyn - 2014dedication to his wife Evelyn, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 6 years ago, has merited my admiration like few others. Some of you may remember his challenges in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s like “Run to the Tower” [his message on finding safety in the Lord in the midst of trials] or “Dig Another Well” [the challenge to not become bitter when you are the victim of injustices].

Evelyn passed away about 2 weeks ago and this interview with a TV station following her death is inspirational for his candor and testimony.  What a privilege to call him a friend.

If he is able, I hope to have him come to Hillsdale for a Sunday in the near future.

With a shepherd’s heart,

Pastor Travis D. Smith