Today’s proverb, Proverbs 18:5, offers us a lesson in what some use to call good ol’ fashioned common sense [or what some might call “horse sense”]!  Permit me a moment of bluntness: We live in a day that prizes advance college degrees, but educators, politicians and society in general is dumber than dumb!

What has happened to Common Sense? You know, the sense that cannot be taught, but is imparted from one generation to the next. The common sense shared over a game of checkers, sitting around a stove in a country store, or taught by grandparents to their grandchildren while hoeing in a family garden. The sense that speaks frankly and declares unequivocally “right is right and wrong is wrong”.

In our proverb today, Solomon imparts to his son an elementary lesson in two things that are not good.common sense

Proverbs 18:5It is not good to accept [bear; support] the person [face; presence] of the wicked [ungodly; morally corrupt], to overthrow [put aside; turn away] the righteous [lawful; just] in judgment [passing sentence or judgment].”

The first lesson is, It is not good to accept the presence of the wicked.  As king, Solomon’s son would be the final authority in matters of judgment. He would hold in his hands the power of life and death. Solomon exhorted his son, be careful concerning the influences you allow in your life. It is never good to give the wicked, those lacking in moral scruples and absolutes, a place in your life and royal court. It is never good to compromise with the wicked—whether a business associate or a rebellious son or daughter.

1 Corinthians 15:33 – “Be not deceived: evil communications [companions] corrupt good manners [morals].”

??????????????????????????????It is also not good to deny the righteous, just and innocent a day of judgment (18:5b). It is my observation that judges and lawyers lacking in moral judgment and common sense have compromised America’s judicial system.  Too often we hear of judgments that leave victims hurt and violated and their antagonists free to continue a riotous path of sin and moral depravity.

We may be incapable of slowing down our nation’s radical descent into moral jeopardy; however, we can be students of Proverbs and impart godly wisdom to those willing to listen.