apathy1My theme for today’s devotional thought is, “The Tragedy of Apathy”—a lesson in the tragic waste of opportunity.

Proverbs 18:9“He also that is slothful [slack; faint; disheartened] in his work [business; employment; occupation] is brother [kin; friend; like a physical brother] to him that is a great [chief] waster [destroyer; corrupt; spoiler; decay].”

Laziness and indolence are unpopular topics in our culture of “political correctness” and epidemic government welfare.  The sad reality is we are assailed by a culture of what the old folks use to describe as “sorriness”.  Laziness pervades every aspect of our culture and an ethic of discipline and hard work has been lost.

Solomon illuminates the reality that the slothful man who disdains hard work is the spiritual brother of the man who wastes privilege and opportunity.  A slothful man is lazy, careless and undisciplined.  His path is strewn by unfinished projects.   He might have been a man of high aspirations in his youth, but his aversion to perspiration leaves his soul hollow and life unfulfilled.wasted years

The “great waster” is indicative of the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) who demanded his inheritance, but then went out and wasted all he had been given on sin and fleeting pleasures.  He squanders his inheritance, privilege, opportunities, time, talents and abilities.  His life is a sad testimony of what might have been…but is lost!

My friend, don’t be a lazy sloth or a “great waster” who looks back on life, haunted by “what ifs” and “what might have been”.