Supreme CourtWe return to two frequent themes found in Proverbs regarding matters of the law—the exercise of law and judgment and keeping and preserving the law.

I make no apology for observing one of America’s greatest troubles is a corrupt judicial system. “Lady Justice” is no longer blind and the weight of the law is often balanced in favor of wicked men and their cronies. With rare exceptions, the day has passed when good men went into the practice of law driven by a passion for justice and dedicated to upholding the Constitution and laws of the land. For decades, our citizenry has elected corrupt officials who, once in office, appointed judges who were like themselves. Proverbs 28:5 reminds us this malady is as old as human government.Lady justice

Proverbs 28:5“Evil men [wicked, sinful] understand [consider; perceive; discern] not judgment [rights; order; verdict; cause]: but they that seek [strive after; enquire; desire; search out] the LORD[Eternal, Self-existent Jehovah] understand [consider; discern] all things.”

Evil, wicked men lack the discernment and insight to be judicious in their judgments. Unlike good men who seek the Lord and enquire of God Who is Omniscient and Just, wicked men do not consider God’s commandments, nor fear His righteous judgment. Man does not have an immutable standard of right and wrong, moral and immoral apart from God and His Law.

Our second proverb addresses the effect a son’s actions and attitudes have upon his parents.

Proverbs 28:8“Whoso keepeth [guard; watch; preserve] the law is a wise son [discerning; perceptive]: but he that is a companion [follower; make friendship with] of riotous men [immoral; worthless; gluttonous] shameth [wounds; dishonors; humiliates; brings reproach] his father.”

Father-SonThere was a time when sons carried their father’s name conscious of their family’s lineage and heritage. Parents would instill in their children the knowledge and burden for how their actions would affect their family’s name and reputation in the community.  Parents reminded their sons and daughters they were bearers of their family’s good name.

A wise son makes his father proud by keeping the law and respecting the authorities in his life. A foolish son befriends peers of disreputable reputations and invariably dishonors his family and disgraces his father.

What kind of son or daughter are you? Are you a sorrow to your parents or a source of pride and joy?

Those questions are answered by examining the character of your friends—they are, after all, who you are!

1 Corinthians 15:33 – “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.”