empty-benchIt is no secret that America’s judicial system has been compromised by humanists who believe man is good and liberals who defend the criminal while re-victimizing the innocent.  There is no other explanation for a society that releases sexual predators from prison to stalk new victims with the misguided notion that therapy has reformed a heart bent on doing evil!

Solomon counters 21st-century political correctness with an immutable truth: Proverbs 21:10.

Proverbs 21:10 – “The soul [life; person; mind; appetite] of the wicked [ungodly; morally wrong; criminal] desireth [crave; long for] evil [sin; wickedness]: his neighbour [companion; friend] findeth no favour [grace; mercy; pity] in his eyes [sight].

“There is no honor among thieves” is a pithy saying that captures Solomon’s observation concerning the wicked and those who choose their company.  Contrary no honorto the baseless sentiment of humanists and liberal progressives, the wicked commit crimes because it is their nature!  They crave, plot, and plan to do evil, and not even their family or closest friends are exempt from their passion to do evil.

Rather than giving those who scorn righteousness and mock the law a free pass, Solomon sets forth a principle for addressing sin that is not only just but may also save foolish youth from the consequences of a sinful path.

Proverbs 20:11 – “When the scorner [scoffer; mocker] is punished [condemned], the simple [foolish; silly; lacking discernment] is made wise [restrained from sin]: and when the wise [discerning; perceptive] is instructed [made to consider], he receiveth [fetch; take away; grasp] knowledge [cunning; perception].

Prov 19.25Punish the wicked, and you may save his brother, friend, and companion from a path of sin and sorrow.  Firmly instruct a tender heart, and he will be yet the wiser.

Every parent reading today’s devotional would be wise to consider that consistent, loving discipline is not only Biblical; it may turn a child whose heart is bent to do evil to choose the path of good.