adulteryWe return to our study in Proverbs 5 and find ourselves in the midst of Solomon’s admonitions to not only his son, but to all sons concerning the toll adultery takes on a man’s life, family and reputation. I encourage you to read this chapter in its entirety to put today’s proverbs in their proper context.

Solomon has warned that adultery not only robs a man of his good name, it also robs him of his moral authority and wealth (5:9-10). Many a man has been destroyed by his failure to heed Solomon’s warning.

Solomon’s continues his counsel regarding sexual temptation by warning that one sexual indiscretion has the potential of procuring a lifetime of sorrow and regret. Solomon writes,

Proverbs 5:11“And thou [the adulterer] mourn [roar; growl] at the last [in the end], when thy flesh and thy body are consumed[perish; wasted],sorrow

Our society has rejected God’s moral standard and the result is an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STD and STI). Solomon warned that the consequences of sexual immorality would be “thy flesh and thy body are consumed” [literally perished and wasted away]. Consider the following tragic consequences of sexual immorality reported by the American Sexual Health Association website:

1) More than half of all people will have an STD/STI at some point in their lifetime.

2) Recent estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Infection show that there are 19.7 million new STIs every year in the U.S.

3) The total estimated direct cost of STIs annually in the U.S. is $15.6 billion (2010 US dollars).

4) Each year, one in four teens contracts an STD/STI.

5) One in two sexually active persons will contract an STD/STI by age 25.

Hollywood has glamorized sexual sins, but there is no hiding the reality that there is nothing glamorous about where adultery will end—cries of regret and emotional self-flagellation.

regretProverbs 5:12-13“And say, How have I hated instruction [discipline; correction], and my heart despised reproof [showed contempt for correction]; 13 And have not obeyed [heard; hearkened] the voice [call; proclamation] of my teachers, nor inclined mine ear to them that instructed me!”

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