broken heartAs a reminder, Proverbs 7 serves as narrative told by Solomon to his son warning him of the dangers of adultery and its path of destruction.  In earlier devotions I suggested the following outline for Proverbs 7:10-14.

The Identity of the Adulteress is evinced in her appearance (7:10a), attitude (7:10b-11a) and actions (7:11b-12).

Proverbs 7:10-12 – And, behold, there met him [a naïve, foolish man] a woman with the attire [dress] of an harlot [adulteress], and subtil [sly and cunning] of heart [mind; feelings]. 11  (She is loud [clamorous; boisterous] and stubborn [rebellious]; her feet [walk; journey] abide not in her house [home; family]: 12  Now is she without [outside..i.e. her home], now in the streets [broad way; town square], and lieth in wait [ambush] at every corner.)”

Solomon defines the Character of the Adulteress in three successive proverbs. She is a forward, brazen woman (7:13).

Proverbs 7:13 – “So she caught [restrained; prevailed] him, and kissed him, and with an impudent [hardened; strong] face said unto him,”

She is a fake, representing piety, but her soul is full of lies and hypocrisy (7:14).adultery

Proverbs 7:14 – “I have peace [thank-offering; voluntary] offerings [sacrifices] with me; this day have I payed [made my peace; made restitution] my vows [promise to God].”

The third character quality of this brazen woman is she is a flatterer (7:15).

Proverbs 7:15 – “Therefore came I forth to meet thee, diligently to seek [seek early, earnestly] thy face [person; countenance], and I have found thee.”

The adulteress appears to suggest to this young, naïve fool that her encounter with him following her “peace offerings” was the reward of divine providence.  She would have him believe he was the one man she sought in the entire world (7:15b)  and enchants him with her praises.

Proverbs 7:21 continue the observation that the adulteress is a flatterer.

lies and adulteryProverbs 7:21 – With her much [multitude] fair speech [enticing] she caused him to yield [bow; turn aside], with the flattering [smooth tongue; seductive] of her lips [speech] she forced him [drove; compelled; drew him away].”

Proverbs 7 serves as a warning to men and women—Beware of those who come with flattering words and honey dripping compliments!  Like cattle stalled to eat their fill of grain fattening them for the slaughter; flatterers inflate your ego with their compliments, only to beguile you into their trap where you risk life, soul and home.