choicesSolomon declares God is Creator and Sovereign of heaven and earth in the opening verses of Proverbs 16. Consider with me again the evidences of God’s sovereignty in the first 8 verses of Proverbs 16.

Man devises [he bears the responsibility for planning], but God disposes and has the final say (16:1).  God knows the heart of man and there is nothing hidden from Him (16:2).  A man may plan the minutest details of his life; however, it is the Lord Who determines the outcome, failure or success of the man (16:3).  God is Creator, Sovereign and Judge of the righteous, the wicked and the proud (16:4-5).  He is merciful, just and the rewarder of the righteous (16:6-8).

For today’s devotion, I invite you to consider another aspect of God’s sovereignty from Proverbs 16:9.

Proverbs 16:9 – “A man’s heart [mind; thoughts; emotions] deviseth [think; plan; imagine] his way [roads, courses, journey]: but the LORD directeth [put right; prosper] his steps [actions; deeds].”

Blame shifting has become an art in our day.  Adult children blame elderly parents forblame a lifetime of foolish decisions; teens assert their right to rebel and bear a spirit of resentment against all authority; husbands blame their wives and wives blame their husbands; employees resent their employers–it seems few are willing to step forward and accept responsibility for their decisions and actions.

Proverbs 16:9 conveys a principle similar to the first parable of this chapter (16:1): God created man a free will agent and man bears the responsibility for devising, pondering and planning the course of his life.  You and I cannot escape the fact we are individually responsible for choices. It is true–“Choices have consequences!”

A promise is stated in today’s parable that is the end desire of every dedicated Christian: “…the Lord directeth his [a man’s] steps” (16:9).  I have known too many Christians who make life-changing decisions without weighing their choices in the light of God’s Word.  Too many fail to ever seek godly counsel; others make hasty emotional decisions without ever taking time to get the facts.  Far too many are too proud to humble themselves and confess the error of their ways.

stepsWhat about you?  Are you on the path of God’s choosing or among those dismal, wandering souls too proud to confess you wandered out of His way?

Psalms 37:23“The steps [course of life] of a good man [strong man; man of courage and character] are ordered [established; made right] by the LORD: and He [the Lord] delighteth [takes pleasure] in his way [road; journey].”

Copyright 2014 – Travis D. Smith