IsisProverbs 29:10 – “The bloodthirsty [savage murderer; vicious; barbaric] hate [oppose; detest; despise] the upright [blameless; morally innocent]: but the just [righteous] seek [require; desire] his soul [life].

Savagery, murder and mayhem in the Middle East are dominating our world and headlining the nightly news.  Public beheadings, amputations, stoning, mass execution, kidnappings and rape evidence the resurrection of a bloodthirsty evil.  The ancient vulgarity of militant Islam has begun to define our world and threatens all who cherish liberty and freedom.

Unlike the religion of Islam, people of “The Book” [as the Quran defines Jews and JeffersonChristians] view human life as sacred.  The United States was founded upon the sacred premise that God created man and all men are equal. Have we been a perfect nation in carrying forth those principles?  No.  However, in spite of our flaws, the belief in man’s unique creation and the value of human life has made us the envy of the world—and for Islam, the “Great Satan” its adherents have threatened to destroy.

The bloodthirsty shed blood in sport; but the just and upright seek to save a just man’s life.

obama, reid, pelosiProverbs 29:12 – “If a ruler [governor; one who has dominion] hearken [hear; heed; give attention] to lies, all his servants are wicked [ungodly; guilty].”

The counselors, close associates and emissaries of a leader are a gauge for the character of the leader himself.  When a president, governor or a pastor invite into their inner circle men and women who are liars, perjurers and deceivers—you can be sure that leader has no ear for truth and his representatives are numbered among the ungodly.

Copyright 2014 – Travis D. Smith