got wisdom?We pick up our study of Proverbs 8 in the midst of a passage that list four tangible trophies wisdom [pictured here as a maiden] promises her suitor. As we have stated throughout our study of Proverbs, godly wisdom and discernment belong to those who by faith, believe in, revere and seek God with all their heart (Psalm 110:10).

We have focused on two of four trophies of wisdom in prior devotionals (Proverbs 8:18-19). Eternal, heavenly riches is the first trophy or reward of wisdom (8:18a).

Proverbs 8:18“Riches [wealth] and honour [glory; high reputation] are with me [i.e. wisdom]; yea, durable [valued; hereditary—i.e. worthy to be passed on]; riches [wealth; substance] and righteousness [uprightness; moral virtue].”

The second trophy of wisdom is “honour” (8:18b-19).Gold trophy

Proverbs 8:19“My [wisdom] fruit [reward] is better [best; more pleasing or pleasant] than gold, yea, than fine [pure] gold; and my revenue [increase; gain] than choice silver [i.e. money].”

The third trophy of wisdom is justice (Proverbs 8:20).

Proverbs 8:20 –“I [wisdom] lead [walk; behave] in the way [path; manner] of righteousness [moral virtue; justice], in the midst of the paths of judgment [law and order]:”

Where is wisdom found? Wisdom abides “in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment” (8:20).

The wicked lack wisdom, discernment and insight that belongs to those who walk in righteousness. A look at our judicial system today is an alarming reminder of how far our nation and lawmakers have strayed from godly wisdom–“Uncommon Common Sense”. Murderers, rapists and pedophiles are given early release from prison for jury“good behavior”.  Illegal immigrants, some who have committed horrendous crimes, are released on their own recognizance. Elected officials and government employees lie under oath with impunity, facing no adverse judgment for their crimes against our citizens and nation.

Our nation, lawmakers, judges and juries have no sense of justice because we have strayed far from the way of righteousness and the path of law and justice.

The fourth trophy and reward of wisdom is contentment (Proverbs 8:21).

Proverbs 8:21“That I [wisdom] may cause those that love [like; befriend; desire] me [wisdom] to inherit substance [wealth]; and I will fill [satisfy; overflow] their treasures [storehouses; treasury].”

Men and women who embrace godly wisdom may not become rich, but they will know contentment that no amount of money and possessions can buy. The wise are blessed because they are discerning, patient and content.

P.S. Please forgive me for the absence of devotionals over the last 3 days. I was of necessity focusing my time and energy on my conclusion to a prophetical sermon series from the Book of Daniel.

Copyright 2014 – Travis D. Smith