Contrary to President Obama’s claim in his speech to the nation on 9/10/14…we are in a war on terror perpetuated by the adherents of the Quran.   They should own it and we should not whitewash it as anything other than what it is…Militant Islam’s obsession to murder and maim any who refuse to accept their ideology.



Have you heard the leaders and followers of Mohammed condemning the barbaric acts of ISIS?  Has Saudi Arabia, the seedbed of most of those who attacked our nation on 9/11, condemned this growing cancer in our world?  No, instead that nation continues its intolerance of any religion that is not Islam.

I highly recommend to all who read this blog to read or listen to an audio recording of a book titled, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)” by Robert Spencer.  It is an excellent resource filled with quotes from the Quran and historical detail on the history of Islam.  If you have a library card, you can even download a copy of the book in an audio format.

politically incorrect guide

To all who have served our nation during America’s war on terror, I thank you for fighting that we might be free. 

Copyright 2014 – Travis D. Smith

God bless