Adulterous womanProverbs 2 is the second shortest of the chapters in the book of Proverbs; however, its principles are as rich as any found in this book of “Uncommon, Common Wisdom”.  We pick up our study of Proverbs 2 in the midst of Solomon’s admonition to his son concerning the adulterous woman and her ways (2:16-19).   I will briefly review verse 16 to set the context for Proverbs 2:17-19.

Proverbs 2:16“To deliver [rescue; save] thee from the strange [adulterous; profane] woman, even from the stranger [foreign to God’s people; adulterous]   which flattereth [smooth talker; one who divides and separates] with her words [sayings; speech];”

The adulterous woman, not satisfied with the fleeting, temporal pleasures of sin, entices naïve, foolish men to share in her sin.

rebellious daughter

Proverbs 2:17 “Which [the adulterous woman] forsaketh [leave; relinquish; refuse; abandon] the guide [governor; chief; i.e. husband] of her youth, and forgetteth [ceases to care for; fails; ignores] the covenant [compact; treaty] of her God.”

Proverbs 2:17 identifies a tragedy too many Christian parents suffer– a son or daughter enjoys a privileged childhood, is loved and cherished, but grows up to turn from the godly path they were taught.

I envision the adulterer’s father presenting her as a chaste, young bride on her wedding day.  Tears of joy filled the eyes of her parents who had faithfully served as her spiritual guardians.  One can hardly imagine the sorrow and disappointment of her parents when we read verse 17– she has cast aside every moral restraint; she has turned her heart from God and the sacred covenant of marriage to her husband.

Proverbs 2:18“For her house inclineth [sinks down; set like a pit] unto death [hades], and her paths [ways; goings] unto the dead.”

Her abode, rather than a spiritual sanctuary for her family in the midst of the immoral morass of the world, has become a dark pit of sin and wickedness entrapping, enslaving and destroying the lives of men, their marriages and families.  Oh what evil!  Oh what sorrow!  Oh what a hopelessness!way to hell

Proverbs 2:19“None that go [depart; come] unto her return again [turn back; restore; recover], neither take they hold [obtain; reach; attain] of the paths [way; conduct; manner] of life [living].”

Permit me to be a pastor and challenge you with an invitation:  On an average day, several hundred read the spiritual musings of this pastor.  Of that number there are no doubt many who are grappling with a tragedy like the adulterer in today’s devotional.  Some have shattered the dreams of their parents, broken their marriage covenant and heaped shame and disgrace on their family.  If you do not turn back, you are assuredly coming to a point where you may never recover.

My counsel—STOP!  Stop before it is too late!  Stop before you are irretrievably wrapped in the miserable chains of your sin and REPENT!  Confess your sin and seek forgiveness!1 John 1-9Copyright 2014 – Travis D. Smith