stepping in dad's footprintsToday’s proverb expresses more than the desire of a father who loves his son; it expresses the will of God for every man and woman…for us to focus our heart, mind and thoughts on the Lord.

Proverbs 23:26 – “My son, give [deliver; bestow; bring] me thine heart [mind; thoughts], and let thine eyes [mental and spiritual faculties] observe [accept; guard; be pleased with] my ways [road; path; journey].”

What does it mean for a son to give his father his heart?  It means the son will reflect his father’s faith, character, values and integrity.  Too many children grow up in Christian homes, go off to college [sadly, even “Christian colleges”] and turn from their father’s faith under the influences of  apostate teachers who have rejected God.PENTAX Image

The desire of godly fathers is that their children would see Christ in them and give God their hearts.  No father is perfect and there are no perfect sons and daughters.  A parent should be judged, not by his flaws [which are many], but by his “ways”—his pattern of life, his journey and path.  Watch a man long enough and you can pick apart his flaws; however, observe his journey and a godly man will be found faithful.