wedding vowsSolomon painted in Proverbs 9 an unvarnished portrait of God’s commendation to those who follow the path of godly wisdom and the tragic end of those who allow the lusts of the flesh to chart the course of their lives.  I conclude my study of Proverbs 9 with Solomon’s final admonition to men and women who allow forbidden lusts to tantalize their flesh.

Proverbs 9:18 – “But he [foolish, naive] knoweth not [fails to understand or perceive] that the dead [those enslaved by sin] are there; and that her guests are in the depths of hell.”

split familyThe toll of immorality has been a continual theme in our study of Proverbs and, realizing the prevalence of divorce in the church is as great as it is in the world, we should not dismiss lightly Solomon’s warnings.   [It is not my desire to open old scars of sin; however, it would be wrong to dilute the truth in Solomon’s observations and fail to remind my readers that the consequences of adultery are dreadful and lifelong!]

An epidemic of pornography and immorality in the church is not only threatening our homes and families, it is conveying a message to our children and grandchildren that the vows of matrimony mean little!   Too many husbands and wives have relegated their marriages to the recycle bin and failed to teach their sons and daughters that the vows of marriage are sacred and do matter.

Solomon warned his son—Death is the adulterer’s end—death of a marriage; death of a family; and the death of one’s reputation.sorrow of divorce

Does God forgive adultery?  Absolutely (1 John 1:9); however, don’t be guilty of trivializing morality and marriage.  Teach your children that sorrow and shame is the haunt of an adulterer.