liberal womenProverbs 11:16 identifies an individual who is almost non-existent in today’s world—a woman of grace, elegance and refinement.

Proverbs 11:16“A gracious [kind, merciful] woman [wife] retaineth [obtains; attains; lays hold of] honour [glory; dignity]: and strong [powerful; oppressive; ruthless; violent] men retain riches [wealth].”

Women of grace have lost favor in a nation that puts a premium on beauty above character.  It is my observation that in striving for equality, the American woman allowed brazen, mean-spirited women to become the voice of their gender. Hollywood and liberal progressives have demonized men and portrayed wives, mothers and femininity as weak.  The result of abandoning morality and feminine graces has been tragic.Proverbs 11.16

It can be argued that the lack of grace, kindness and civility in our communities is symptomatic of fathers who have failed to value and mothers who have failed to nurture the innate qualities of feminine graces in their daughters.  Rather than chastity, today’s daughters are shamelessly immoral.  Rather than the soft, tender tones of feminine grace, today’s young woman is loud, boisterous and often obnoxious.

It is provocative that the woman of grace in Proverbs 11:16 is a woman of strength and discipline. Like the strong man who refuses to be separated from his riches, a woman of grace is tenacious in laying hold of and retaining her dignity.  The world around her may erode morally and decay; however, a woman of grace is chaste, kind, disciplined and wise.

pig snoutProverbs 11:22 – “As a jewel [ring] of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion [lacking good judgment].”

Continuing the theme of prizing character above beauty is a portrait of a woman blessed with beauty, but lacking wisdom and moral discretion. A pretty girl who is morally bankrupt and lacking in good judgment is as disgraceful as a jeweled ring in a pig’s snout.

Copyright 2014 – Travis D. Smith