God's commandments I trust you will take time to once again read the entirety of Proverbs 23 before considering today’s devotional thought from Proverbs 23:27-28.

It is my observation that the amoral philosophy of our atheistic society has crept into the church and Christian homes in our day.  Unlike the “mandy-pandy” counsel of many parents today, Solomon’s counsel to his son in this chapter evidences the urgency of a father who cares for his son’s soul enough to risk rejection.

Warning: When a man, home, community and nation reject the absolutes of God’s Word and Commandments, everyman is left with his opinion and no moral authority.  StopHaving rejected God’s absolutes, parents have turned their focus from saving the souls of their sons and daughters to sparing their feelings.  I challenge you to reread Proverbs 23 and notice how direct Solomon was in his counsel—there is no tiptoeing in this father’s guidance!  Solomon’s moral counsel and admonition is as relevant to our day as they were in his day.

Proverbs 23:27-28 – “For a whore [harlot] is a deep ditch [chasm; pit; grave]; and a strange [foreign; adulterous] woman is a narrow [tight; distress; dismay] pit [well]. 28 She also lieth in wait [ambush] as for a prey [rob; seize], and increaseth [add; increase the number] the transgressors [unfaithful] among men [mankind].”

America’s passion for moral debauchery is destroying our marriages, homes and future.  The ready availability of all manner of sexual titillation via the Internet and television has created an appetite for sexual expression that has no restraint.  “Living together” has become the practice of not only America’s young adults, but also her senior citizens.

We notice two immoral women in verse 27–the “whore” [a harlot], a woman of the night; a “strange woman”, an adulterer who is another man’s wife.  Solomon warns: Go down an immoral path and you dig your own grave [i.e. – “a deep ditch…a narrow pit”].

I close today’s devotional burdened that statistics evidence many reading this blog are slaves to pornography and sexual passions.  Some foolishly believe that what happens in the privacy of their home is their business because no one is getting hurt!  Flee from immorality If that is you—my friend, you are the quintessential of a fool!  You are like a beast that follows the lure of bait into a hunter’s trap—not recognizing the danger until it is too late to flee!

Warning: Continue down the path of immorality and you will be numbered with those poor souls who lose everything—their health, marriage, family, friends, career and future.

Copyright 2014 – Travis D. Smith