Cover sin and you will not prosperProverbs 28:13 – “He that covereth [hides; conceals] his sins [trespasses; transgressions; rebellion] shall not prosper [become mighty; profitable; successful]: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh [leave; refuse] them shall have mercy [compassion; pity]. 14 Happy [blessed; prosperous] is the man that feareth [afraid; revere; trembles] always [continually]: but he that hardeneth [stiffen] his heart [mind; thoughts] shall fall [be overthrown; cast down] into mischief [evil; trouble; affliction; misery].”

It is a challenge to be patient and wait for God to vindicate you when you suffer as the victim of another’s sin.  At the same time, I believe the greater challenge rests with those who cover their sins, stiffen their heart and foolishly believe they got away with sin!  A wise man knows God’s judgment is inevitable.

Today’s proverbs offer both a warning and exhortation.  Blessed and forgivenThe warning:  Hide your sins, refuse to confess your transgressions and your life will eventually be marked by frustration, bitterness and loss.

I close with an exhortation for all:  When you revere the Lord, obey His Law, confess and turn away from sin, your life will be happy and blessed!