stick out your tongueToday’s proverbs address a malady of all men—the tongue!  Isn’t it interesting that a doctor will, during a routine physical examine, ask you to stick out your tongue and examine it to gather data regarding your physical health?  The simple methods a physician employs to determine our physical well-being fascinates me.

As a man’s tongue is an indicator of his physical health, the same is true of his spiritual condition!  Listen to and examine what a man says [and does not say] long enough and you will soon know what manner of man he is.  Ponder that thought as you read Proverbs 26:23-26.

Proverbs 26:23 – “Burning [inflamed; glowing] lips [language; speech] and a wicked [evil; grievous; bad] heart [mind; thoughts; feelings] are like a potsherd [earthen ware; piece of pottery] covered [garnished; overlaid] with silver dross.”

Silver coating a simple clay pot may dress it up and give it an appearance of great value; however, the silver merely disguises the reality it is nothing more than a cheap angry sharptonearthenware pot.  So it is with a man whose words might glow and inspire; however, are nothing more than a window dressing, a masquerade concealing a wicked heart!  That sinful man’s heart is laid bare in the following proverbs.

Proverbs 26:24-26 – “He that hateth [set against; to be hateful] dissembleth [disregards; reject; ignore] with his lips [language; speech], and layeth up [set; put] deceit [fraud; treachery; guile] within him [within his heart or bowels]; 25 When he speaketh [proclaims; sound; voice] fair [gracious; mercy; show favor], believe [trust] him not: for there are seven [i.e. whole; completely give over to] abominations [abhorrence; detestable things; in his heart [mind; thoughts; feelings]. 26 Whose hatred is covered [concealed; to hide] by deceit [guile], his wickedness [evil; sin; bad] shall be shewed [uncovered; discovered; revealed] before the whole congregation [assembly; company].”

There are men in our homes, churches, community, and nation whose lips stir up angertrouble, dissension and division (26:24).  They divide friendships, destroy fellowships and go unimpeded in their wicked ways because too many of us are drawn away by their “fair” and flattering words (26:25).

Friend, some reading today’s devotional have played the fool and followed men with silver tongues that concealed malicious hearts.  You left behind friendships and fellowships to follow a man whose sin will inevitably be exposed “before the whole congregation” (26:26).

My question for you: Do you have the character to make right your wrong? Sadly, most do not!

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith

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