???????????Dear Hillsdale parents of teens,

This is a semi-private/public message to parents of Hillsdale teens:  You are not perfect parents [none of us are], but you can make a perfect choice–send your teens to the WILDS Christian Camp this summer (June 22-27) with Pastor Jarrett and Hillsdale!

As a youth pastor of 17 years, I learned one of the best investments I made was taking my teens to a Christian camp in the summer.  Understand, the world has WILDS picpointed its amusements at your teens 24/7/365 and is committed to capturing their hearts with the noise and titillating pleasures of sin.

Sending your teen off to the WILDS unplugs them from Social media; silences for one week the noise of the world and immerses them under the preaching of God’s Word and godly counsel.

This choice is your best choice for giving God an opportunity to reach the heart of your teen in the summer.  You have 4 days left to register your teens—then it is too late!  Go online or call Pastor Jarrett to invest in your teen’s soul this summer before the opportunity is gone!

wilds fallsAs the old Nike commercial stated: “Do It!”  

With the heart of a shepherd,

Pastor Smith