rolling a stone uphillProverbs 26:27 – “Whoso diggeth [to dig; plot] a pit [grave; ditch] shall fall [be cast down] therein: and he that rolleth [wallows; roll down; remove] a stone [weight; building stone], it will return [return again] upon him.”

Two pictures are drawn upon in this proverb. The first is the ancient practice of hunters who would dig a pit for the purpose of entrapping wild beasts. The second picture is of a man pushing a heavy stone up a hill, only to experience the gravitational pull on the stone that threatens to roll back and crush him.trap

Simple in its illustrations, but profound in its application, this proverb carries a modern moral lesson reflected in the following thought:  Your plot and plan to hurt or malign another will invariably “come back to bite you”.

Proverbs 26:28 – “A lying [deceitful; false; deceptive] tongue hateth [foes; enemy; set against] those that are afflicted [oppressed; injured; crushed; afflicted] by it; and a flattering [smooth; slippery] mouth [word; speech; utterance] worketh [make; wrought; execute] ruin [overthrow].”

The tongue is once again the subject matter of Solomon’s instruction to his son.  Two lesson are stated:  The first, a liar, despite his protestations to the contrary, hates those who are the objects and victims of his lies and deceptions.  He may state his love and affections; however, his lies are testimony that he loves himself and hates those injured by his nefarious ways.

flattererThe second lesson is that of a man or woman given to disingenuous flattery.  This individual utters smooth words that praise and disarm, appealing to their victim’s naivety, but whose goal is to ultimately bring their victim to ruin.

Beware flatterer: The LORD shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things” (Psalm 12:3).

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith