failure of Christian educationNote: The following is the first part of a series of postings I am weighing in my heart.

Pastors and Christian parents are awakening to the disconcerting reality that many of our Christian schools and colleges no longer share their convictions nor reflect the doctrine taught in their local churches.  Churches and pastors can no longer afford to blindly trust administrators and teachers of fundamental schools to share their burden and vision that Christian youth be taught in a disciplined, Christ-centered atmosphere that encourages holiness and sanctification.  The 21st century fundamental church needs institutions dedicated to impart godly wisdom, Bible convictions and spiritual principles in an environment that prepares youth to be servants of Christ and soldiers of the cross.  Too many of our Christian schools and colleges are catering to the carnal appetites of youth to perpetuate their existence while failing the trust of Christian parents, pastors and churches.

Although not meant as a universal statement, I find myself harboring a growing disdain for many 21st century Christian educators, schools and institutions of higher learning.  I am of the opinion many of our Christian administrators and educators have tacitly disavowed the founding principles of their schools and lost sight of their purpose for teaching Christian youth in an environment of loving discipline.  Sadly,  many of our schools that were historically fundamental in their doctrine and practice, are eroding to a point of spiritual irrelevance.

“Catering to carnality” has become the policy of many Christian administrators and institutions who are minimizing spiritual principles and Bible convictions, while serving the whims of youth who lack core convictions, godly wisdom, insight, and spiritual discernment.

The educational landscape of America is spoiled with colleges and universities  founded by zealous men and women of faith.  Those saints shared a vision and burden that to perpetuate the Christian faith, American youth needed to be taught in institutions dedicated to teaching the Word of God in a disciplined environment infused with the unapologetic preaching and teaching of God’s Word.   Sadly, many of our own schools and colleges are following the path of compromise blazed by schools like Harvard and Yale that will inevitably lead to a disavowal of Christian disciplines and the Christian faith.

Rather than trusted bastions of the Christian faith and co-laborers with fundamental churches, many of our fundamental schools and colleges are betraying their mission and our trust.  Catering to carnality is inevitably producing worldly, pseudo-pious, spiritually anemic youth.

To be continued….

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith