sing like a canaryProverbs 29:24 – “Whoso is partner [plunderer; divider] with a thief hateth [is enemy of; foes; detest; set against] his own soul [life; person; being]: he heareth [hearkens; obeys; gives attention to] cursing [oaths; swearing], and bewrayeth [tell; declare; expose; answers; inform] it not.”

Tattletale” is the taunting label children give a peer who, rather than share in their sin and be silent, expose the sin and sinners.   The lesson from Proverbs 29:24 is that one’s silence offers not only tacit approval of a sin, but also lends aid and comfort to the offender.  Your silence might earn the friendship of a thief and beguiler, but you do so at the sacrifice of your soul, life and integrity.

If you will permit, I will suggest a broader application of this propensity for concealment at the sacrifice of integrity.  Many historically fundamental ministries and institutions have fallen on hard times in the last decade because staff, faculty and administrators remained silent while the heritage of churches, colleges and seminaries were spoiled by men who denied the conservative, fundamental legacy of those institutions. tattletale Too many well-meaning Christians have sat in silence in board meetings and senior staff meetings as men plotted a departure from the course and principles of their founders.

Some reading this brief devotional have served without protest men who, employing subterfuge, charted a course that denied the soul of that institution and disparaged the legacy of its founders.   My friend, make no mistake, you share the guilt of its departure.

I’d rather “sing like a canary” than be a silent Judas!

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith