Protests Continue After Death Of Baltimore Man While In Police CustodyProverbs 30:29-31 sets forth four portraits of majestic strength and inspiring beauty; three taken from the animal kingdom and a fourth from the governance of humanity. Let us consider the first three portraits before expanding on the fourth.

Proverbs 30:29-31 – “There be three things which go [march; stride] well [be good; be pleasing; diligently], yea, four are comely [cheer; please; beneficial; favorable] in going [departing; go]: King of the Beasts30  A lion which is strongest [might; valiant; champion] among beasts, and turneth not away [return; withdraw; retreat] for any; 31  A greyhound [having the slender loins of a hunting hound]; an he goat [male goat] also; and a king [royal monarch; sovereign], against whom there is no rising up [restlessness].”

The lion, admired as the “King of the Beasts”, fears none in the wild. His roar sends the animals of his realm scurrying for safety and is the haunt of hunters who are conscious of his strength, grace and ferocious nature.  Perhaps as a complement to the portrait of the lion is the hunting hound with its sleek, slender loins and the male goat that is the leader of his flock.

The lion, hunting hound and male goat are to the animal kingdom what a stately king is to his kingdom.  A king in royal procession with his army is a glorious sight and calls forth the cheers of his people while quieting the masses that both love and fear him.

Baltimore 1Consider this closing thought:  What becomes of a nation when its citizens sense weakness in their leaders and neither respect or fear civil authorities?

Like a lion with no teeth, a show of force by law enforcement with orders to cower before thugs intent on destroying property and lives is no more than the roar of a toothless old lion—hollow and uninspiring.

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith