The following post, though tongue-in-cheek in tone, is meant to magnify what I believe to be an aberrant teaching of “experts” (authors, preachers, evangelists, professors) who have lectured us for years that Millennials are different and, if we are going to be successful in reaching them (regardless of what the goal might be) we are going to have to change.  I am at a loss to find in history any generation that had to accommodate its youth in disciplines, preaching and worship.  I believe it is such accommodation in this generation that has given us the morass of societal dysfunction that is enslaving our homes, churches and schools.

Dear Millennials,

Has anyone taken time to tell you how special you are?   You may not be aware there are thousands of studies that have and are being conducted to figure out how to reach your special generation because you are so special.  Seminars and conferences are attended by thousands of educators and pastors where experts tell us you are special and they each have new ideas to reach your special generation.

From birth your parents have taken 1,000’s of photos to record every aspect of your special life and family videos will forever perpetuate the record of just how special you are (now isn’t that special)!  Parents, grandparents, teachers, politicians and preachers are changing to appeal to you because you are so special.

Family norms dating back to God creating Adam and Eve are considered invalid for your special generation.  In fact, the biblical methodology of imparting to children wisdom, knowledge and discipline are dated, impractical and unnecessary for your special generation [so we are being told].millenials1

I remember when you were toddlers and preschoolers how you would kick and scream when deprived of any whim of pleasure.  I remember your parents’ exasperation to please and not wound your little psyche by telling you “No!”  Of course grandparents, teachers and pastors were expected to comply with your demands no matter how unreasonable or irrational (after all, every youth of your generation is extraordinarily special).  Because you are so special, political, academic, sociological and spiritual experts are telling us we have to change to meet your special needs (after all, you are that special)!

Sadly, many of the Millennials actually believe this dribble of foolishness and will no doubt go into a frenzy of commiserating with their peers how stupid, idiotic, moronic, foolish, incompetent, old-fashioned and legalistic I am to suggest your generation is not as special as you have been led to believe.  In fact, your generation is no more special than any sinful generation that has gone before you (yes, my special generation was determined to end wars, give peace a chance and live happily ever after like the narcissist we have raised you to be).

i like meYour generation will invariably come to the ugly reality that the vacuum in your soul can never be filled with the artificial and the prism of rose-colored glasses you demand for your Selfies will leave your heart void of both Truth and reality.

Are you special? Absolutely, but no more than any generation before you!  You are so special that “God commendeth His love towards [you] in that while [you] were yet a sinner, Christ died for [you]” (Romans 5:8).

Now that is what I call special!

With the Heart of a Shepherd,

Pastor Travis D. Smith

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith