opinion“Who asked for your opinion?”

Proverbs 15:23 – “A man hath joy [mirth; rejoicing] by the answer [reply] of his mouth: and a word [advise; caution] spoken in due season [timely fashion; proper time], how good is it [favorable; pleasing]!”

Whether stated or not, we all have opinions and too many of us readily offer them whether asked or not!  I confess one of the more challenging aspects of a pastoral\counseling ministry is to accept when people do not ask questions, seek or request my counsel it is generally because they do not value my counsel or they know my insight will run contrary to the course on which they already set their heart and affections.  In other words, sometimes you have to keep your opinion to yourself!another opinion

On a positive note, the joy of the counselor, whether a parent, grandparent, friend or pastor is to give counsel that is valued and see another prosper from our insight and experiences.  To the older and wiser, be sure your counsel is after the ways of the Lord and His Word.  To those in need of counsel (and only a fool does not value godly counsel), I challenge you to swallow your pride and seek counsel before signing a contract or plunging headlong into a life changing decision you will live to regret!  After all, “in the multitude of counselors there is safety” (Proverbs 11:14).

“Higher Ground”

Proverbs 15:24 – “The way [well-trodden path] of life is above [upward; forward] to the wise [prudent; insight, understanding], that he may depart [turn away; turn aside; withdraw] from hell [death; place of the dead] beneath.”

 An old gospel song states the truth we read in Proverbs 15:24.

“I’m pressing on the upward way, New heights I’m gaining everyday;                          Still praying as I onward bound, ‘Lord plant my feet on higher ground.’”

Lord lead me onSolomon taught his son a spiritual life lesson we would all be wise to heed—Men and women who choose to walk in godly wisdom have a heavenly focus [“the way of life is above” – 15:24a] and avoid the paths that invite a soul to turn aside and follow the way of sin that leads to destruction and “hell beneath” (15:24b).

Take the high road my friend!  It is not the easier road; however, it is the way to life eternal for it is the way of Christ who said, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith