A milestone from the author of “From the Heart of a Shepherd”

shepherd's heartDear readers and followers of “From the Heart of a Shepherd”,

This morning’s devotional completed my pastoral commentary on the Book of Proverbs.  I began my daily musings from Proverbs on January 1, 2014 and, with the exception of a few breaks in schedule and some repetitions\revisions of earlier writings along the way, pressed forward in the daily discipline of commenting on Solomon’s proverbs for the past 21 months.

From the outset it was my goal to write in a manner that was faithful to God’s Word, practical in its application for 21st century believers, and packed with what country folks once described as “Common Sense”–a sense that is all too uncommon in our day of political correctness and carnal foolishness.  My daily commentary on Proverbs will remain on this blog for the near future; however, I hope to explore the possibility of publishing this as a layman’s commentary for daily devotions and study in the future.

publicity photoI hope this journey through Proverbs has been a blessing to you.  For the future, I am considering the Book of Psalms as the subject of my daily devotionals.  

With a shepherd’s heart,

Pastor Travis D. Smith