morningHow do you begin your mornings?

I confess; I am a morning person [or as Dr. Youstra suggested on Sunday, “a farmer”].   I am the dreaded soul who wakes up alert, rolls out of bed and starts the day with a, “It’s morning!” [Please direct your thoughts of sympathy to my beautiful wife who has lived with whistling, singing in the shower and going to work before the sun peeks over the horizon].  Today’s devotional thought is from David’s model for prayer in the morning.

Psalm 5:1-3 – “Give ear [hearken; listen] to my words [sayings; speech], O LORD, consider [understand; regard; discern] my meditation [musings; whisper]. 2  Hearken [hear; regard; be attentive] unto the voice [sound; noise] of my cry [i.e. cry for help], my King, and my God [i.e. might God]: for unto thee will I pray [make supplication; meditate]. 3  My voice [lit. the sound of my voice] shalt thou hear in the morning [dawn; early morning], O LORD; in the morning will I direct [array; set in order; direct] my prayer unto thee, and will look up [behold; keep watch].”

morning prayerMaybe you are not a “morning person”; however, I wonder if you have set aside a time for the Lord to hear your daily prayer.  You may not allot time for your devotions and meditations in God’s Word until later in the day, but I hope you see the wisdom in calling out to the Lord and thinking on Him while the day is still young.

None of us can know what a day will bring, but we can be confident our “times are in [God’s] hand” (Psalm 31:15).  David expresses in today’s verses what should be a practice, encouragement and comfort to us all…when we pray, God hears and answers prayer.

I challenge you…make an appointment with God in the morning and “look up”—your heavenly Father hears and answers prayer!

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith