does character matterDear readers,

I will be posting within the hour a devotional from Psalm 10 that I believe paints the portrait of  many 21st century politicians.  Today’s devotional is especially timely in light of tonight’s Republican National Committee primary debate and I submit to you that CHARACTER DOES MATTER!

lies and the presidencyA great debate swirled around President Bill Clinton’s bid for a second term in 1996 as his presidency and the nation were rocked by moral scandals that centered in the Oval Office.  Lies, coverups and adultery plagued the nation and the president barely escaped being removed from office in impeachment proceedings.

Character ought to matter, but it appears America’s shallow, insatiable appetite for “style over substance” might continue to pave the path to her decline and moral implosion.

A devotional psalm painting the character of the wicked in high places will follow in the hour.

With the heart of a shepherd and the passion of a patriot,

Travis D. Smith

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith