going the wrong wayDear Hillsdale family and friends of the Heart of a Shepherd,
I often have members of our church family and friends of our ministry tell me, “The next time there is an important moral issue coming up in the county, let us know and we will be there to stand with you.” 
Today is that day and tonight is the time to stand up for what is right, moral, and common sense!
The immoral lunatic fringe of our county is once again pushing their immoral agenda on the citizens of our county and ultimately putting our wives, daughters and mothers in danger if they have their way.  The Hillsborough County commissioners voted last year to give protective status to individuals based on “sexual identity” and “sexual orientation”; the result is pressure and threats of litigation on any citizens and businesses that dare to hold the traditional view of marriage between one man and one woman and refuse to participate in “gay marriage”.
Tonight, the lunacy continues as a board reviewing the Hillsborough County Charter is holding a public hearing to consider putting on the ballot a law\directive\policy in the County charter that will allow men who claim to be women to use ladies’ public restrooms, locker rooms and showers. If this foolishness goes forward, your wives, mothers and daughters will not have the security of going to a Mall restroom, gym locker room and taking a shower without the risk of a man infringing on their privacy.
The Charter review board will be discussing this tonight, Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at their meeting in the 2nd floor Board Room in the Hillsborough County Center, 601 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, The meeting starts at 6:00 pm.
Like you, I find the date, time, and meeting place terribly inconvenient; however, we have only ourselves to blame if we do not take our stand and stop the lunacy before our county and community fall victim to this foolishness and endanger our loved ones.
Even if you do not speak, your presence sends a message of solidarity for moral values.  I hope to see many of you tonight. 
With the heart of a shepherd,
Dr. Travis D. Smith
Senior Pastor
Hillsdale Baptist Church
Tampa, FL