God is justContinuing our study of Psalm 7 that, as we noted in an earlier devotion, is David’s plea for the LORD to come to his defense and vindicate his servant, David affirms his confidence in God.

We find several truths concerning God’s nature in today’s study. The first, God is just (7:10-13).

Psalm 7:10-11 – My defence [shield] is of God, which saveth [delivers; preserves; gives victory] the upright [righteous; just] in heart [mind; understanding]. 11  God judgeth [pleads the cause; vindicates] the righteous [just; lawful; innocent], and God is angry [enraged; indignant] with the wicked every day.

God is always Just in His dealings with both the righteous and the wicked.  He hears the cry of the upright and comes to the defence of the righteous and serves as their shield and deliverer (7:10).  He vindicates the cause of the righteous and the wicked provoke Him to anger  (7:11).God is my Shield

Psalm 7:12-13 – If he [the wicked] turn [return; go back] not, he [God] will whet [sharpen; hammer out] his sword; he [God] hath bent [draw; bend; string the bow] his bow, and made it ready [prepared]. 13  He [God] hath also prepared [readied] for him [the wicked] the instruments [weapons; vessels] of death; he [God] ordaineth [work; commit; practice] his arrows against the persecutors [i.e. those in pursuit].

Should the wicked continue in their ways and refuse to repent, God promises to act as both judge and executioner (7:12-13).

The second truth is the wicked will suffer the consequences of their sin (7:14-16).

Psalm 7:14-16 – Behold, he [the wicked] travaileth [destroy; pledge; bind] with iniquity [wickedness; sorrow], and hath conceived [bear] mischief [sin; trouble; sorrow], and brought forth [bear; delivered] falsehood [untruth; lie; untruth]. 15  He [the wicked] made [digged] a pit [dungeon; hole; prison], and digged [search out; pry; explore] it, and is fallen [cast down; abandon] into the ditch [pit; grave] which he [the wicked] made. 16  His [the wicked] mischief [sin; iniquity; wickedness] shall return [go back] upon his own head, and his violent [cruelty; wrong] dealing shall come down [descend] upon his own pate [scalp; crown of his head].

The wicked take pleasure in sin for a season; however, they will inevitably find that sinful choices have consequences!  The wicked in this world reject God, despise His Word and scorn His people. NUmbers 32.23 They plot against the saints and, through lies; deceit and wickedness assert their sinful ways and philosophies, blind to the reality a just God will not withhold His judgment forever.  In the words of Moses to Israel, the wicked can be assured, “your sin will find you out” (Number 32:23).

David ends Psalm 7 with a personal doxology of praise and thanksgiving to God who is always just!

Psalm 7:17 – I will praise [give thanks] the LORD [Yahweh; Jehovah; Eternal God] according to his righteousness [justice; righteous cause]: and will sing praise [sing psalms] to the name [reputation; memory] of the LORD most high [Supreme; i.e. in the highest].

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith

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