Psalm 16 – Don’t fret! God is a sure refuge for His people!

riotIn a world rife with strife, threats of terror, and hopelessness, what a joy it is to be assured by the Word of God that the LORD never abandons His people!   David writes:

Psalm 16:1-2 – “Preserve [guard; watch; protect] me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust [hope; confidence; seek my refuge]. 2  O my soul, thou hast said [promised] unto the LORD [Yahweh; Jehovah; Eternal, Self-existent God], Thou art my Lord [Master; God]: my goodness [favor; pleasing] extendeth not to thee [i.e. I have no goodness apart from the LORD];

I am not sure what the circumstances were which moved the king to express his “delight” and joy in the LORD, but we can be certain his joy was sustained by his assurance the LORD is faithful and His grace sufficient to cover our failures and shortcomings.   What an incredible thought to rest in the knowledge the LORD is the watchman and refuge for His people.

pleasant placeNot only is the Lord our refuge, He has made those who put their faith in Him the object of His grace.

Psalm 16:6 – “The lines [measure; inheritance; portion] are fallen [present; divided; allotted] unto me in pleasant [delightful; sweet; lovely] places; yea, I have a goodly [fair; pleasing] heritage [inheritance].”

What a delightful place to be…where God is blessing!   There are innumerable things for which you and I can be thankful, but it is easy to allow the world to encroach upon our joy with its sin, temptations, and despair.  Too often it is only when time is past that we reflect and realize how many cherished moments and blessings passed us by without ne’er a “thank you, Lord”.

Psalm 16:7 –I will bless [praise; salute] the LORD [Yahweh; Jehovah; Eternal, Self-existent God, who hath given me counsel [advise; guide]: my reins [mind; heart] also instruct [chastise; correct; reprove; discipline] me in the night seasons.cherish the moment

My friend, cherish the times of God’s blessings and praise Him for His grace.  Be open to the counsel of His Word and allow His truth to direct your heart and discipline your thoughts.

P.S. I close with a reality I have come to accept in my devotional study of the Psalms: To attempt to mine the riches of a chapter in Psalms is like trying to place a gold mine in a thimble—an impossibility! In the future, I will choose select a few verses from a chapter and content myself with a brief exposition of those verses.

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith