prayerIn an earlier devotion from Psalm 28 we focused on David’s imprecatory prayer for God’s justice and deliverance from his enemies (28:1-2).  David’s enemies are not identified, with the exception he asserts they are also the enemies of the LORD (28:3-5).  Psalm 28 concludes with David rejoicing in God having not only heard, but answered his prayer (28:6)!

Psalm 28:6 – “Blessed be the LORD [Jehovah; Eternal God], because he hath heard [listened to] the voice [call; cry] of my supplications[prayer].”

My friend, none of us can predict the future, nor do we know what the days ahead hold for us and our families; however, we are certain of this…God hears and answers prayer!

shieldPsalm 28:7 – “The LORD is my strength [might; power] and my shield [small shield; buckler]; my heart [mind; understanding] trusted [secure; confident] in him, and I am helped [protected; assisted]: therefore my heart [mind; understanding] greatly rejoiceth [exults; jumps for joy]; and with my song [music] will I praise [give thanks] him.”

Contrary to the gurus of “self-meditation” and “finding your true self”, David presents us a spiritual lesson in meditation when he confesses the character of the God he served.   Who is the LORD to you?  If He is your LORD, David’s affirmation and confidence that the LORD is his protector, security and help in time of need resonates in your heart!

Psalm 28:8-9 – “The LORD is their strength [might; power], and he is the saving [salvation; deliverer] strength [fortress; defence] of his anointed [Messiah; i.e. Christ].  9  Save [help; deliver; preserve] thy people, and bless thine inheritance: feed [shepherd; keep; tend] them also, and lift them up [bear up; take up; accept] for ever [evermore]].”

David closes Psalm 28 encouraging God’s people to put their faith in the LORD (28:8) and calling upon Him to be their Savior, Shepherd and Strength (28:9).

Copyright 2015 – Travis D. Smith