sorrowWe stated in an earlier devotion (Psalm 3:1-4) that Psalm 3 records the cry and prayer of a heartbroken father.  Absalom, King David’s son had by subtlety and slander (2 Samuel 15:3-6), ingratiated himself to the hearts of the people and led an uprising against the king forcing him to flee Jerusalem in sorrow and shame.

Psalm 3:1-4  – “LORD [Yahweh; Jehovah; Self-existent, Eternal God], how are they increased [multiplied] that trouble [cause distress; afflict] me! many are they that rise up [stand up as a foe] against me.  2  Many there be which say [speak; tell] of my soul [life; person; being], There is no help [deliverer] for him in God. Selah.  3  But thou, O LORD [Yahweh; Jehovah; Self-existent, Eternal God], art a shield [buckler; defence] for me; my glory [honor; splendor], and the lifter up [exaltation; to move in a higher direction] of mine head.  4  I cried [called out] unto the LORD [Yahweh; Jehovah; Self-existent, Eternal God] with my voice, and he heard [answered; responded; replied] me out of his holy [sanctuary; sacred place] hill. Selah [i.e. to pause—most likely an instruction to musicians].”

son coming homeIt is difficult to grasp how a rebel like Absalom could be the son of David, a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14).  Sadly, the heartache borne by David is all too familiar to parents of sons and daughters who, in spite of their parents’ love, sacrifices, and the spiritual lessons engrained in them from their youth, reject God; giving full rein to enslaving lusts and embracing the beguiling lies of the world.  Prodigal sons and daughters heap indescribable heartache and sorrows on parents until they come to themselves and face the emptiness of their miserable souls (Luke 15:11-21).

All was not lost for David, however; for when he looked past his sorrows and reflected on the LORD his hope renewed and the king, perhaps for the first time in days or weeks, found solace in the LORD and slept (3:5).

Psalm 3:5 – “I laid me down [took rest] and slept [i.e. long sleep; fell asleep]; I awaked [i.e. arise]; for the LORD [Yahweh; Jehovah; Self-existent, Eternal God] sustained [to prop; braced; held up] me.

Mother and daughter (6-7) praying by bed, close-up

Oh sweet sleep; the rest of a weary soul; a quietness of heart and thoughts God gives believers whose solace is in Him.  Perhaps it was David’s prayer that is the basis of the child’s prayer,  Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, If I shall die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take, Amen.”

Awaking from a much needed sleep, David was refreshed and, in spite of dire circumstances, was confident the LORD was with him (3:5b).

Psalm 3:6-7 – I will not be afraid [fear; tremble; frighten] of ten thousands of people, that have set [made; lay; fixed] themselves against me round about [on every side; surround].
7  Arise
[Rise up; stand; perfrom; ], O LORD; save [deliver; help; rescue; avenge] me, O my God [Elohim; Mighty God]: for thou hast smitten [slay; kill; beat; strike] all mine enemies [foes; adversaries] upon the cheek bone [i.e. or jaw bone]; thou hast broken [shattered; crushed] the teeth of the ungodly [wicked].

Betrayed by a son and surrounded by an enemy, David asserted his confidence the LORD and the defeat of his enemies was as certain as though it was fait accompli!

family prayingPsalm 3:8 – Salvation [help; deliverance] belongeth unto the LORD: thy blessing [prosperity; generosity] is upon thy people [tribe; flock]. Selah [pause].”

My friend, I do not know the struggles or battles you are facing or will face this New Year, but if you know the LORD you can rest in this…the LORD Who is Jehovah, Eternal, Self-Existent, Mighty God is on your side!

Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith