precepts for a spirit-filled lifeContinuing our study of Psalm 119:129-144, allow me to review quickly four of the fourteen qualities of thriving souls we find in this passage.

  • Be passionate: The testimonies of the LORD are “wonderful” (119:129a).
  • Be obedient: Keep God’s testimonies (119:129b).
  • Be a learner: Open your heart to God’s Word (119:130).
  • Be thirsty: Open your mind to God’s commandments (Psalm 119:131).

Consider three additional precepts for a Spirit-filled life found in Psalm 119:132-133.

5) Be transparent: Open your soul to the LORD (119:132).

Psalm 119:132  Look [Turn; prepare; turn back] thou upon me, and be merciful [gracious; show favor] unto me, as thou usest [judge; measure] to do unto those that love [i.e. to have affection; dearly love] thy name [reputation; character].transparent

The psalmist prayed, “Look thou upon me, and be merciful unto me” (119:132a).  Rather than fleeing from the LORD’s presence, the desire of the author was that he would be the benefactor and object of God’s love and grace.  Reflecting on God’s ways and providential care of those who love Him, the psalmist evidenced a practice of transparency we should all follow.

We find the sixth and seventh precept of a spiritually thriving soul in verse 133.

6) Be teachable: Pray for God’s direction through His Word (133a).

Psalm 119:133a  “Order [establish] my steps [time] in thy word [commandment]: and let not any iniquity [wickedness; trouble; sorrow] have dominion [rule; power; i.e. control over] over me.”

Not a day passes that you and I do not face the challenge of making decisions that might forever alter or change the course of our lives.  Life has twists and turns, crossroads, rest stops, and starts.  Perhaps recalling God’s promise to David, “I will instruct [make; act] thee and teach [i.e. shoot an arrow straight] thee in the way [path; journey] which thou shalt go [follow; walk]: I will guide [counsel; advise] thee with mine eye [sight] (Psalm 32:8), the psalmist prayed, “Order my steps in thy Word” (119:133a).   The psalmist did what should be the practice of every believer; he studied God’s Word for direction and prayed.

An attitude of transparency attended by a humble, teachable spirit prepared the saint for the seventh precept: 7) Be trusting: Pray for God’s protection (133b).

trust meRecognizing his weakness, or as a songwriter penned, “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it”, the psalmist prayed, “… let not any iniquity [wickedness; trouble; sorrow] have dominion [rule; power; i.e. control over] over me” (Psalm 119:133b).

The man of God knew God’s path would not be without trials and uncertainties (133b).  Knowing how easy it is to be overcome with sin, he prayed for God to guard him from sins and sorrows that might enslave his soul.

Friend, what are your weaknesses?  What sins might draw your heart away from the LORD?  Anger?  Pride?  Jealousy?  Covetousness?  Lust?

Someone reading today’s devotional may have allowed sinful pride and a spirit of self-sufficiency to draw you from the LORD and His Word.  I challenge you…stop before it’s too late!  Recognize and confess your sin and turn back to the LORD.

Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith