thinking, notMy next blog in my series “Who’s driving the bus and where are we going?” is scheduled for posting at 1:30 PM today; however, I thought I would pre-empt that post with a question I believe several of my ministry peers have entertained: “What were they thinking?”

Having observed the implosion of several “former” Bible fundamental colleges and churches in the last 5 years, I often ponder the question, “What were they thinking?”  

What are pastors, college administrators, and professors thinking when they follow the pragmatic rationale that led their peer institutions down the compromising path of failure?

choicesWhat are they thinking when they sit in “ivory towers” and plot a course of action contradictory to their heritage and base of supporters that has been a pipeline for their existence?

Godly men and women founded Bible fundamental schools and colleges, burdened that young people from Bible-preaching churches and Christian homes had institutions of higher learning where they would be nurtured and equipped to be servants and soldiers of Christ in the world.  What becomes of those institutions when they diminish their disciplines, lower their standards, and “cater to carnality”?

It has been my observation and experience that worldly youth have no affection for the principles and precepts of God’s Word and no desire for a Christian education that instills the spiritual disciplines of a servant of the LORD.  Sadly, I have watched pastors, administrators and professors alienate their base with pragmatic, unprincipled choices.  I am fearful there are others who will realize too late what is painfully obvious; choices have consequences.

What are they thinking?

Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith

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