Sign of the EndThis is your invitation to worship with Hillsdale Baptist Church this Sunday as we begin a new prophetic series on the last days.

This Sunday morning I will pick up our study of the Gospel of Matthew and begin an eschatological series titled “The Signs of Second Coming of Christ and the End of the World”.  My focus for the next several weeks will be in Matthew 24-25, a passage of scripture traditionally referred to as “The Olivet Discourse”.  This Sunday morning’s message is titled, “The Coming Storm” and is an introduction for our prophetic study of the last days.

My friend, the parallel between the LORD’s prophetic description of the signs that would mark His Second Coming, the end of the world and current world events in our day is undeniable. There is a revolution underway in our world, a growing spirit of rebellion, a hatred of law and authority, a vacuum of leadership, and an abandonment of moral principles that precipitates the cry of the world for peace.coming storm

Sadly, the church, the very institution God entrusted with the one and only answer for sin and guilt, Jesus Christ, is compromised, tainted by sin and its testimony marred by eroding convictions.  My friend, the Bible still has the answer for hope and God’s call to His people to be holy is unchanged.

I invite you to join us at Hillsdale as we look at our world through the prism of God’s revelation!