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  • The following is an excerpt from this Sunday’s bulletin letter for Hillsdale Baptist Church.

The majority of us are privileged to have been born American; however, there are many who are part of our church family who are American by choice.  Whether by birthright or adoption, we are Americans and the stewardship of our liberties and freedoms rest in our hands.pilgrims kneeling

Students of American history acknowledge the past and future of our nation is inescapably intertwined with the Christian faith.  The pilgrims who first set foot on the soil of our continent came seeking, not fame and fortune, but freedom…freedom of religion and freedom from tyranny!  It was the God of the Holy Scriptures they sought to worship, and it was freedom of conscience for which they were willing to sacrifice their all.

It is my observation that America’s denominational churches and Christian institutions have faltered in their duty to be bastions of Truth.  An inescapable cancer of carnality has taken hold on our churches, schools, homes and communities.  CCMRather than a place where the Gospel is heralded and sinners and saints are called to repentance, the majority of churches are content to replace the bold proclamation of God’s Word with strobe lights, rock music and spotlight hungry musicians.  Like Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burned, most Christians applaud the very carnality that is eroding not only our churches, but also our nation.

Modular Classrooms Update: I praise the LORD there is an overwhelming majority consensus to move forward with the acquisition of three modular classrooms that will be used by the school and youth ministries. With a commitment of $60,000, we are only $32,000 shy of our goal to raise $92,000 for the project by the end of August.

hillsdaleJob\Ministry Opportunity: It is not often you have an opportunity to work in a loving, Christian environment; however, Hillsdale’s Preschool needs ladies who love young children and are interested in working either part-time or fulltime beginning this August. Please see Mrs. Tanya Henry regarding job details, including salary and benefits.

With the Heart of a Shepherd,

Copyright 2916 – Travis D. Smith