hillary-and-trumpThere is a lot of angst in our nation as we approach the presidential elections this Tuesday, November 8.  Rather than enter into the emotional political foray with my opinion, I will invite my church family to find God’s answer to worry and anxiety in Psalms 91 this Sunday morning (10:30 AM).anxiety

Anxiety is a topic everywhere I go and a very real problem within and without the church.  According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated 10% of the world’s population is afflicted with depression and\or anxiety.   Depression and worry are a universal malady and no respecter of persons…young and old…rich and poor…it seems every family is wrestling with the debilitating effects of anxiety!

psalm-91Many factors are contributing to this anxiety epidemic.  The threat of war, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, and economic decline are all factors; however, I believe the Presidential Election has become a major cause of anxiety in our nation.  Regardless of the outcome and who becomes president, many of us have to face the reality our decline as a nation and society is not going away.  I leave you with a question I will answer this Sunday morning in God’s Word:

Where or to whom can a man or woman turn when they are overcome with fear, worry, and anxiety?

Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith

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