Dear friends,

This post is not an endorsement of a political candidate, but a warning that our nation is standing at a spiritual and moral precipice.  Our citizenry’s embrace of a presidential candidate who advocates late-term abortion up to the day of an infant’s birth invites the wrath of God in a way we have not seen in our nation’s history.

I fear political rhetoric has desensitized, blinded, and deafened our nation and churches to the individual culpability we share in the murder of the unborn.   For 43 years, since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973, our silence has borne the blood of an estimated 58,586,256 American infants whose lives were taken in their mother’s womb.  To elect a politician to office who promises to perpetuate the butchery of infants up to the time of their birth is

I am attaching a 12 minute video based on a true story that draws a parallel between the silence of Christians in Germany during the Holocaust and the silence of 21st century American Christians who must weigh a vote for a candidate who promises not only to support late-term abortions, but continue to fund them with American tax dollars.  Make no mistake, vote for such a candidate and you share her guilt for the blood of the unborn.

With a shepherd’s heart,

Pastor Travis D. Smith

COPYRIGHT 2016 – Travis D. Smith