weeping-parentsWednesday, January 11, 2017

Daily reading assignment: Psalm 3-5

You will notice in your Bible an editor’s note that identifies Psalm 3 as a psalm of David composed when his son Absalom rose up against him forcing the king to flee his throne and the capital city of Jerusalem.  This event is recorded in 2 Samuel 15 and is the culmination of years of rebellion on the part of Absalom against his father.  Absalom conspired against his father, stole the affection of the people by implying his father the king cared little for them (2 Samuel 15:3-6), and “stole the hearts of the men of Israel” (2 Samuel 15:6).   Psalm 3:1-4 records David’s cry to God.

David, once the champion of Israel, finds himself surrounded by enemies who had once shouted his praises.  The loneliness of the king and his desperate cry to God rouses the heart of any who have been in leadership and felt the blow of betrayal and the burden of shame.  The king’s flight emboldened his enemies to deride, “not even God will deliver him!”

Sword on top of shield


Notice in verse 3 how David takes solace in the character and promises of God.  His reflections and confession strengthened his soul when he remembered the LORD, the God of eternity was his “shield”, defender and Sovereign of creation.  The king was confident that, though driven from his throne by enemies, God would exact vengeance and His justice would prevail.  Alone, afraid, humiliated, discouraged, but not defeated; David was confident God saw his plight and heard his cry.   Psalm 3:4 sums up the king’s confidence and faith in God.

My friend, we live in the midst of a people and society that has imparted to its children a spirit of entitlement that is both deluded and wicked.  The “X-Generation” and the “Millennials” that followed them are like David’s son Absalom– devoid of natural affection (Romans 1:30-31) and consumed with the delusion of rights and privileges they have not earned or deserve.  They are the epitome of a nation and people who have denied God.  They boast, having accomplished nothing and are a grief to their parents.god-answers-prayer

There are fathers and mothers reading today’s devotional who, in their own circumstance, identify with David’s sorrow.  To face an enemy is sorrow enough, but when that enemy is your own son or daughter mere words fail to express the grief and anguish of a parent’s broken heart.

I close with this word of encouragement—God hears and answers your cry in the night.  He is Who he was for David, your Shield and Defender.  In His time He will lift you up.

Copyright 2017 – Travis D. Smith