The tolerant generation has no tolerance for conservative, moral values.

berkley-riotI invite you to read a blog posting titled, “Who Gets to Define Sin?”, by a Dr. Clay Nuttall.

Dr. Nuttall’s article is timely in light of protests and rioting taking place in America’s communities and secular college campuses in the name of political correctness.  The tolerant generation has no tolerance for conservative, moral values.

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Nuttall’s article that I hope will whet your appetite to read his article in full.

In his book, Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, the author, Erick Larson, records a terrible truth from the past.  It is a clear statement of where our own nation is today.
Captain Reginald Hall is described and quoted on page 350 of the book.  He visited Germany and Austria in 1934.  Ever the intelligence man, he reported his observations about the National Socialist movement to the government.  He also described his experience to a friend in America.  “All the young are in the net,” he wrote; “anyone who tried to keep out of being a Nazi is hazed till they change their mind; a form of mass cruelty which exists only in such a country.” He added, “It will sometime soon be the duty of HUMAN BEINGS to deal with a mad dog.  When that time comes, your people will have to take their share.”
By using federal education (falsely called public education), the minds of generations have blindly accepted “liberal, progressive socialism.”  It has created a nation of intellectual pagans who support everything they believe with lies.  They are expert at turning truth into lies and lies into truth.
To ensure that everyone follows their “lie pact,” anyone who disagrees has been, is, and will be “hazed.”  They are made persona non-grata, ridiculed, punished, and dismissed from the public sector.  The socialism described by Hall is the very same destructive, liberal, progressive socialism being forced on this nation.  If you want an example, all you have to do is turn on the liberal media for one day. – Dr. Clay Nuttall
Copyright 2017 – Travis D. Smith