Character Qualities that Define God’s People

have-integrityWednesday, February 8, 2017

Daily reading assignment: Psalms 15-17

The three Psalms that make up today’s scripture reading are so full in detail and rich in meaning it is not only difficult, it is impossible to address them in a brief devotional commentary.

Psalm 15 describes the character of God’s people whose citizenship is not in this world, but in God’s heavenly kingdom.   You may find the title of Psalm 16 in your Bible to read, “Michtam of David”, meaning Engraving of David; believed to infer lettering engraved in gold.  Charles Spurgeon, the great Baptist preacher of 19th century London referred to this psalm as “The Golden Psalm”.  Finally, Psalm 17 is a prayer of David calling upon the LORD to be his defense, perhaps in the time he was fleeing from the presence of King Saul.integrity

My focus for today’s devotional thought will be Psalm 15, describing the character of God’s people.  The brackets in the following verses are my amplification of the text.  Note the character qualities that define men and women of God and consider if those are true of you.

God’s people:

  1. Walk with integrity (15:2a) – They are unassailably trustworthy, sincere, and live above reproach.

Psalm 15:1-2 – LORD, who shall abide [dwell] in thy tabernacle [tent; home]? who shall dwell [remain; continue] in thy holy [sanctuary; sacred place; sanctified] hill?
2  He that walketh [behave] uprightly [blameless; with integrity], and worketh [do; act] righteousness [just; morally upright], and speaketh [say; talk; promise; declare] the truth [right; faithful] in his heart [mind; understanding].

  1. Morally upright and speak the truth (15:2b-3) – Their words are sincere, their actions honest. They are not mean-spirited, or vengeful (15:3b).

Psalm 15:3 He that backbiteth [talebearer; slander] not with his tongue, nor doeth [wrought; commit] evil [sin; wickedness] to his neighbour [friend; companion], nor taketh up [bear; carry] a reproach [shame; contempt] against his neighbour [lit. near; nearest kinsman].

  1. The sin of the wicked is loathsome and they revere the LORD (15:4a)

Psalm 15:4 – In whose eyes [sight] a vile person [loathsome; reprobate] is contemned [despised; scorn; disdained]; but he honoureth [glorify] them that fear [revere] the LORD. He that sweareth [charge; take an oath; curse] to his own hurt [evil; affliction; bad], and changeth not [i.e. does not vacillate].keep-you-word

  1. They are promise keepers; they honor their word (vows and contracts), even at their own hurt (15:4b).
  1. They do not burden the poor with excessive interest nor take a bribe and be swayed in judgment (15:5a).

Psalm 15:5 –  He that putteth not out [give; deliver; give] his money [silver] to usury [interest; i.e. indebtedness], nor taketh [accept; seize; take away] reward [bribe; gift] against the innocent [guiltless]. He that doeth [make; perform; do] these things shall never be moved [waver; fall; slide; slip].

Friend, are those qualities true of you?

Copyright 2017 – Travis D. Smith