friends-like-theseThursday, February 9, 2017

Daily reading assignment: Job 11-12

An oft heard idiom that expresses my thoughts as I read Job 11 is: “With friends like these, who needs enemies?”

Poor Job, having heard the judgment and condemnation of two “friends”, Eliphaz and Bildad, finds himself suffering the observations and criticisms of yet another, the Naamathite name Zophar (11:1).

words-hurtRather than pity and compassion for Job in the midst of his sorrows and suffering; Zophar “goes for the kill” with cutting words and accusations. He accused poor Job of being a mocker and scoffer (11:3). With pride filling his own judgmental heart, Zophar accuses Job of being spiritually shallow, ignorant of God (11:5-12), and too stubborn to repent (11:13-20).

Finally, Job answers his accusers and addresses particularly Zophar’s judgments (Job 12-14). Job declared he was not ignorant of God’s wisdom or His ways (12:2).

Zophar had implied Job was suffering because of unconfessed sin; however, Job pointed out not all who sin face the immediate consequences of their sins.  For instance, robbers appear to prosper and those who provoke God seem secure (12:6) for a season.young-and-old-fools

Job 12:2 would seem to imply that Job’s three friends were older than he and presumed themselves wiser by the course of years.  Job, however, reminded his friends that the source of wisdom is God (12:12-13), not man.  One would hope the elders in our lives are not only older, but also wiser; however, youth do not have the market on foolishness.  One might just as easily be an old fool as another a young fool.   With God is “strength and wisdom” (12:16).

The closing verses of Job 12 assert the sovereignty of God (12:14-25) over nature and man. My friend, God is in control!

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