Dear Hillsdale family and Heart of a Shepherd Readers,

The alignment of two excuses to not worship the LORD with His Church is taking place this Sunday…Spring Break and Daylight Savings Time!   Of course, none of us would be guilty of allowing one less hour of sleep to rob us of an opportunity to fellowship with other believers…Right?

I hope you are planning to join us for worship as I continue our Sunday morning series, “God’s Blueprint for His Church” in the 10:30 AM service.  This week’s message is titled, “The Pre-eminence of Prayer in the Church”.  [On a personal note, the matter of prayer is among the most convicting topics for me, and perhaps for you. While my study of 1 Timothy 2:1-8 has been inspirational, I confess it has been difficult when I consider the privilege of prayer and my lack of discipline. I pray the exhortation to pray will renew prayer in our lives and church.]

We are returning to our series, Lessons on Faith From the Life of Abraham” in our 6:00 PM service. Our study in Genesis 12 will consider God’s covenant promises to Abraham, his faith commitment, and the crisis he faced.

Finally, our devotional reading for today is Matthew 26-28.  I hope to post a brief devotional commentary later today; however, my preparation for Sunday services is on the “front burner”.  Have a blessed day!

With the heart of a shepherd, Pastor Smith

Copyright 2017 – Travis D.Smith