I am continuing my series, “Innocence: Tried, Condemned and Crucified” in the Gospel of Matthew this Sunday morning.  Tomorrow’s study is from Matthew 27:26-37 and my topic is “Perspectives on Christ’s Crucifixion”.  Time allowing, we will review the perspectives of Pilate, the Sanhedrin and continue our study examining the perspectives of Barabbas, of Christ Himself, the callous soldiers, the spectators in the street on the road to Golgotha and the soldiers who nailed Jesus to the Cross.

In the 6:00 PM service I will be sharing with Hillsdale a ministry vision “From the Heart of the Shepherd” for two potential ministries.

The first is the possibility of Hillsdale serving as an “Online Distance Learning ‘Bridge’”, a satellite site, for live classes from an accredited Bible College\University.

The second potential ministry grows out of my burden for a Medical\Patient Advocacy Committee for our church membership.  I have observed a diminishing in medical care as a result of ObamaCare policies and the guidelines of Health Insurance companies.  Too many of us accept without question the advice of doctors and hospitals and fail to challenge the care our loved ones are receiving.

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