“A Word from God’s Word”

Continuing my series, “The Path to the Cross” in this Sunday’s 10:30am service, I will resume my study of the “perspectives” of the Roman soldiers who nailed Jesus to the cross.

After a brief respite, I begin anew our study, “Lessons on Faith From the Life of Abraham” in Sunday’s 6:00pm service.  Our focus this week is Genesis 13 and my message, “A ‘LOT’ to Remember”.  I will focus on spiritual lessons from the example and failures of Abraham’s nephew Lot.

“The Calvary Quartet”

It is a joy to welcome once again “The Calvary Quartet” to Hillsdale Baptist Church this Sunday morning!  Unlike the entertainment driven ideology of most churches, The Calvary Quartet shares Hillsdale’s passion for music to be foremost a medium of praise and worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Rather than applause, you are invited to honor the LORD with a good hearty “AMEN” if you feel so moved, and a generous love offering at the close of the service as our act of appreciation to the group.

A Partnership for Higher Education:  Maranatha Baptist University

Last Sunday evening I shared with our church family the exciting possibility of Hillsdale partnering with Maranatha Baptist University and our church becoming a “Bridge” – a satellite location for Distance and Online Learning with the MBU.  Whether aspiring to earn an associate degree, pursue a master’s degree, or take college courses for your own enrichment, the opportunity of an education with a regionally accredited Christian institution is exciting.  Please sign up in the lobby if you or a loved one has an interest.

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